The Interracial Element You Might Have Missed in “Bird Box” [SPOILER]

The Netflix film, Bird Box is a definitive hit. Produced by Sandra Bullock, the sci-fi horror film where an unknown force compels people to commit suicide is comprised of a ragtag group of people barricaded in a  house to protect them from the entity. Bullock’s character is pregnant along with another character. They give birth on the same day but tragedy happens when the other mother is compelled to commit suicide, leaving Bullock’s character to raise and protect both children. She gets help from the male lead–a twenty-something black man who assumes the role of husband and father to the children.

The relationship with the male character is a bittersweet one, and he ultimately sacrifices his life for Bullock’s character and the children.

An interesting aspect of this interracial coupling dynamic isn’t necessarily about the combination of a white woman and a black man, but about black women. For more perspective, check out this video I did a few months ago.

Take a listen to my video explanation and let me know what you think in the comments!


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