History Made: Michelle Howard Become Navy’s First Female Admiral

Adm. Michelle Howard, black woman, Navy, historical, promotion, successful, military career, breaking barriers,

Monday was event for celebration as the United States Navy appointed Michelle Howard to the ranks of Admiral making her the first woman in US history … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday/Tuesday: “Kilt” With Kindness

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I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather we're having. Me, I'm out and about keeping my eyes open for candy and potential new dates, and mates. … [Read more...]

Lupita Graces Her First Lancome Ad… Take a Look!

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I' m buying what Lupita is selling and I don't even wear make-up, but I'll make an exception. Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation is one of the … [Read more...]

This Brown Baby is Oxford Bound! 8 Year Old Makes University History

Oxford, Joshua Beckford, college bound, black boys, black males, historic, England, higher education, morals, medical, education, black children,

His name is Joshua Beckford and he's 'just a normal 8 year old', according to his proud father. He asks a lot of curious questions and he can be … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Men in Uniform to Service You

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I know, I know, I know. You wanted a Man Candy bag filled to the brim with MEN IN UNIFORM, and after much toiling and investigating I'm pleased to … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: The Asian Mystery Man


This photo has been making it's way up and down my timeline and I can't help it. I need to know who this guy is, he's gorgeous and so is the younger … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Ruby Dee: Ossie Is Waiting for His Lady on The Other Side


The world is mourning the departure of yet another of our brightest stars. Actress, activist, and author Ruby Dee has died of natural causes at the … [Read more...]

Are You Going to the NYC Loving Day Celebration or Nah?

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I'll be attending the 11th annual Loving Day celebration in New York City this coming Saturday. I hope to see some our regular readers there since … [Read more...]

Let Um Know…. I’m Not Here for THAT!!

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Time for a public service announcement from the good people that occupy the head space of Tracy Renee Jones. Read for clarity and content if you never … [Read more...]

Tichina Arnold is Not Here for DBR Men and Their Interweb Bull*hit


"Spare the rod. Spoil the child" is what the old folks say about teaching a youngin' about the circumstances and repercussions of one's actions . … [Read more...]