Black Skin Aging Looks Different. How It Looks and How to (Temporarily) Fix It. Focus: The Eyes

As we age, the melanin in dark skin is our saving grace. The darker you are, the less risk your skin has of looking like a road map of wrinkles in your twilight years. But wrinkles aren’t the only giveaway to revealing your age.

Dark Circles

Black women of all shades can experience dark circles under their eyes. This is caused by a loss of volume that accentuates the more melanin and pigment in the eye area. Because we lose subcutaneous fat as we age, dark circles (otherwise known as raccoon eyes) are more pronounced. No amount of sleep or cold compresses will make these discolorations go away, but there’s still something you can do. There’s the drastic option–injecting a fat-like substance under the eye muscle for $500-$700 a pop, or the way cheaper option, like a good concealer. My favorite is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.