New Anti-Swirling Meme: “How Can You Oppose Racism And Be Attracted To White Men?”

I've been seeing the following bit of stupid making its way around the web at an increased clip. The people who are desperate to guilt-trip black … [Read more...]


Writer Reads “Swirling,” and Is Overwhelmed with Tears. Find Out Why.

You won't want to miss this. One of the most touching letters I've ever received. Ladies, don't let anyone tell you that non-black men are not … [Read more...]

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Intimacy Is Not Built Through Sex. Surprised?

  A couple of months ago, I downloaded Tinder after hearing good things about it. And in one month’s time, I had four dates with three guys, … [Read more...]

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QOTW: “Help! My White Friends Ask My Black Girlfriend Dumb Questions!”

How many us have felt like you've had to be the ambassador of all black people when you're around people of other races? On guy wrote me, fed up that … [Read more...]

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Ladies, Be VERY Careful Dating Ethnic Men. Parents and Family Often Come First

I recently read an article on Your Tango called, "My Boyfriends Was Ashamed of Me Because I'm Black." I'll admit, the first thought the writer was … [Read more...]

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TBT: Más, Mucho Más Menudo…..

I heard about the fan fare involving Michael Jackson and dem during the early 80's but I just wasn't into him like that. The bad boy image and curly … [Read more...]

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Fabulous Date Ideas for Cool People

The East Coast folks know that we're on a tight deadline. These days you can't quite tell when Summer springs or when Winter will Fall through, so it … [Read more...]


Love It! Couple I Interviewed for Loving Day 2014 Tied the Knot!!

I just love it when this happens, and it happens a lot. Last year, courtesy of online dating site,, I was able to attend the … [Read more...]

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The Unfair ‘Options’ Media Message: What Do These Two Magazine Covers Tell You?

As a former public relations executive, I can tell you without any doubt that the media sends us messages--messages that we expect, messages that … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Wrestling with the Remarkable that is Roman Reigns

Oh, you kids are so, so spoiled. I feed you Man Candy each and every Monday, yet you scream for more various and different kinds. It's like your … [Read more...]

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(Bonus) QOTW: Black Women, Multiple Children, and Interracial Dating.

Writer: Hey my name is "Sue" I'm a black female live in St.Louis Mo I have had bad relationship with black men so I decided to date white men my last … [Read more...]

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QOTW: White Guy, 51, Ready to Get His Swirl On…

The question: Just wanted to say thank you for your advice on fyooz for non-black men on dating or even just letting a black woman know that I'm … [Read more...]


Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’

Some people wonder why this blog continues to talk about black men in reference to black women dating interracially. It would seem at the surface, … [Read more...]