Socially Distant Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Written by Nicole

With Valentine’s Day only two days away, the season of love is upon us. And unless you live in New Zealand, where they are COVID-free, chances are that the whole range of options that might have been an option in previous years is not available for now. Besides, who really wants to be socializing in a world where people still can’t figure out mask mechanics?

With that in mind, here are a few date night ideas that you can have from home!

  • Board game night

    Unleash your competitive side with a selection of board games! You can go the traditional route, such as Scrabble or Monopoly (which, while not ideal for two players, can still be done). Or, you can opt for a board game that’s on trend with the current situation, like Pandemic. And if there’s no time to order these games to your doorstep, if you have a deck of cards, there’s always Strip Poker.

  • Scavenger hunt

    Turn your house into a hunting ground with a themed scavenger hunt! Come up with hints and hiding places for a love-themed search, and maybe even find that mismatched sock while you prepare!

  • Live-stream-a-paloozas

    With the world moving to virtual, well, everything, there are many awesome things to view from the comfort of your own home. You can take your pick of virtual museum tours from around the world, or virtually visit zoos, and theme parks. Consider it preparation for when travel is a little less restricted!

  • Kitchen World Tour

    Continuing on the travel tip, how about going around the world in 80 minutes? Pick a nation of your choice, learn a bit about the culture, language, and geography, and cook a meal together featuring cuisine from your chosen country! Bon appetit!

Though the pandemic still isn’t over, you can still have a lovely time with your Valentine this year, without leaving the house. Above all, be safe (and I’m not only talking about the ‘Rona), and don’t forget the discount chocolates come Monday!

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day this year? Share your plans in the comments below!

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