QOTW: Dealing with Racist Friends and Family Members…

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Got this note from a young girl the same week as they guy who wrote in with the skinhead brother. Time to address how to properly deal with … [Read more...]

QOTW Audience Feedback Edition: “How Can I Convince This Black Woman I’m Serious About Her?


  I got this letter a couple days ago but just got around to reading it. Take a look, dearies--this one is all you. I'm super busy with … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “Am I Wrong for Wanting My Daughter Not to Date Black Men?”

Hi Chris, I have a question for moms of mixed daughters I was hoping you could share with bb&w. Do you in anyway steer your daughters toward a … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Swirling and Racially Charged Subjects.


In light of the Trayvon Martin story and its aftermath a reader rena215 has made the following request: rena215 I would love to see an article … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “Should I Approach A Black Girl In Front of Her Black Friends?”


Got this question from a young man from my You Tube Channel: question there is a black girl i like at college the only problem is she is always … [Read more...]

Help! This QOTW Has Me Stumped!!


Because of the sensitive nature of this writer's situation, I feel like I need to not be quick to offer platitudes about how "every foot has a shoe," … [Read more...]

QOTW: “Help! I Have a SWIRLING Question!” But…Is It, Really??


Matthew, a fellow Hokie of mine, told me to contact you about an interracial relationship question that I had. I am age 22, and graduated from … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “My Brother Says He Will Disown Me If I Date White!”


Hi, I'm a 19 years old and I'm very interesting in swirling I have had interest in white guys before but never really made an attempt at dating them … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “How Do I Avoid the Friend Zone?” and Other Obstables for Finding Love…


Good Afternoon, My name is Niki and let me start off by saying that I love your site. It's just everything. I was wondering if you can give me a … [Read more...]

On Vetting: “How the Heck Do You Do That?!”


I got this letter a while back and I didn't answer right away because it's such an important question, and I just don't take this stuff lightly. Dear … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: Rainbeau Needs Advice on Dating Older Black Women


Got this note recently... Hello Christelyn! I just wanted to thank you for the Youtube videos that you make. You are so clear and wise about the … [Read more...]