Question of the Week

QOTW: “My HIV Positive Best Friend Keeps Having Risky Sex”

The Question:

“I have been having an issue that I can’t seem to figure out a solution for even though it should be common sense for a person like me so i guess i’ll just jump right into it. I have a male best friend who I have known ALL my life, he’s gay and he’s HIV positive. My best friend is consistently having sex with men without disclosing his status and many of these men are on the downlow and have wives and girlfriends. My best friend and I have had several conversations about this but he still continues with this dangerous pattern, I asked him do they use protection and he said yes but a couple of times the condoms broke. I am so confused and I feel like I should do something, he’s like a brother to me but I don’t like seeing so many people possibly contracting this virus. My best friend is 25 years old and many of these guys are even as young as 18 years old, I know if I got the health department involved he could possibly go to prison. What should I do?”

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