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QOTW: Boyfriend Pushing His Girl for Sex

“I’m with my girlfriend for 1 year now and we didn’t had sex yet….
She is muslim and also a rape victim but it seems that she went over with the rape, i mean she said that she had flashbacks when we first started touching each other genitals for example but now she doesn’t tell me that anymore…(we tell eachother everything).
She is still a virgin but she says that she is not feeling ready but sometimes when im not with her at home she says that she really wants it and if i would be there at that moment we would do bad things ???(lol) .
She is also a very beautiful woman(she is black) i mean she got everything( beautiful body and she is smart) so it’s very hard to be around a women like her and not want sex when you are in love with eachother and you kiss, touch your bodies etc….
I told her that i can’t stay in a relationship without sex for the eternity but that i can wait her.

I mean i’m 19 years old , i do sports and i could have another girls but i want to be with her.
But i dont know how much i can stay without sex…. everything is perfect but not the sex part…
She said that she wanted to do it with me anyway because she will never feel ready and waiting will not be any good….
I told her that i want to have sex with her but only if she really wants it because i know that her virginity is precious for her and she should do it when she wants it.

So what should i do?? ???”

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