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QOTW: White Guy Won’t Go Near Black Women for Dating?

Man displeased about something is showing the middle finger.

Got this letter recently…

Hi Mrs Karazin –

 Happened to come across your video on You Tube just now and wanted to comment on it while the ideas you raised are still fresh in my mind.
In a few recent videos I’ve seen you describe letters from black women who are  angry that we white men only now seem to notice them and realize that they are an option, as you say, and that they might be open to dating us.
You have no idea how desperately we had met forty years ago when at twelve or thirteen I was impressionable – not quite but for lack of a better word at the moment we’ll use that. If I had met a young you then – who might have been open to a decent white guy who treated you good but was not a pushover- well, the next forty odd years might have been very very different.
There is a vibe I apparently gave off around any non white girl or woman over the last forty years or so as they were convinced that my main interest in them was curiousity. Truth be told I was a guy and just horny as hell.
 Had I drooled in front of them or talked about how they might be in bed just because of their ethnicity that would be a whole other story. Also if I were from BFE Nebraska and had never seen a non white girl or woman that too would be a different story but like you I am a So Cal native born and raised – LONG BEACH – and grew up around black girls white girls spanish girls, mexican girls, asians, orientals (specifically japanese or korean), vietanmese, thai, cambodian, mixed and everything in between and got year round whip lash craning my neck to look at the beautiful women all around me.
As I watched the videos and pondered that if I had a penny for each time over the years that my interest in them was due to being curious I could buy a home in the (Coronado) Cays – google it.
So to circle back to the main point at fifty five I have to laugh each time I hear a non white woman say that she would be open to a relationship of more than friendship with one of us(evil) white men. Maybe it was a test to see what my reaction would be. Perhaps that was what they honestly believed at that time!) I wish them well but at this point in life do not go within twenty minutes of the idea of such a relationship with a non white woman. I do not go within twenty yards of a non white woman and should we pass on the street I would open the door for you and tip my Panama and walk as fast as possible in any opposite direction! Wherever they are today, and quite honestly whoever they are I wish them all well. (I say whoever because the great majority of them have blurred into one composite figure at this point.) Never in the next trillion centuries would I even consider to entertain the idea of such a relationship. (the main reason for this is that as the white guy it’s generally accepted that we would not have enough to satisfy black women in bed. At such a moment I really don’t need her to wonder is it in yet?) My apologies if that was crude but didn’t know how else to say it).
Am I hurt? Yes. Scared? Yes. About to consider a change in my opinion. Not in the just mentioned trillion centuries.
This email was written on the fly after I saw the video and I did my best to be brief and to the point.
Feel free to use this letter in another video just please do not use my name. 
What a whiny little baby. Here’s my take.

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