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Why are Black Women So Dang Scared to Meet Men?!

A young ambitious woman is working and traveling quite a lot to achieve her career goals.By chance, she noticed that hanging out at the international terminal at the Atlanta airport bars and restaurants has allowed her a very cheap way to meet men from all over the world! She’s open to interracial dating, but concerned that she should be more focused on her career goals. Here’s what I told her. (Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE our You Tube channel! We really need to work more to drown out all the bashing.)


Now I thought what this young woman was pretty smart, but I got lots of comments from the channel along these lines…

No…What ? Are you that thirsty ladies ? Men really should be searching for us …I prefer to be chased ,?

My opinion, her parents gave really good advice. all women should have their own nest eggs in place before settling down. never rely on a man to take care of you! I wish I had listened to my father when he gave me that same advice. I’d encourage my kids to finish school and get their careers going too. marriage shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. my cousin who is in an IR got married while in college and it never stopped her from becoming a doctor. just keep your goals in first place. also, You will have something to bring to the table in your future marriage.

My Comment: But putting as much effort in your financial life is just as important as putting effort in your emotional life. That’s why so many black women stay losing.

Nice video’ be careful black women don’t look for love let love look for you?

My Comment: Yes; let’s play hide and seek with suitors. But let’s hide really, really well so they have to work really really really really really really hard for them to find us!!

NO,NO,NO,NO, did I say NO!!, Does she want to be mistaken for the high class working girls looking for the  executive and busness class at the airports?, how will she be able to check him out long distance, If she was my daughter I would tell her to join like minded clubs and organization, political and otherwise and socialize, find a man regardless of colour with similar goals and interest

My Comment: International terminals are full of businessmen. Should she not hang out at a casino for fear she’s a high priced hooker? How about a hotel bar or club? Okay. Let’s just all stay home and hope Jesus delivers us a man by FedEx. That seems the safest. You know, for fear that we might be mistaken for prostitutes by some a-holes.

The more I do this kind of outreach, the more I’m convinced at how woefully unprepared black women are when it comes to dating men and positioning themselves to meet quality men.

Guess it’s time for another series.young girl shrugging

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