Question of the Week: “How Do I Get Over My Married Boyfriend?”

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Dear Mrs. Karazin,   I have been hesitant to write to you mainly because I didn’t know where to begin. Secondly, I doubt you will have the time to … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “How Do I Support My Boyfriend During Divorce and Custody Drama?”

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This question comes from BB&W's very own, "R. Kamaria": I really love my boyfriend. He is one of the most caring, loving and sweet human beings … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “Help! I Dont Like What I See in the Mirror!”


Got this note, and it really struck a nerve with me... I wanted to write this message earlier, but I was too emotional. I am a huge fan of the … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Self-Proclaimed “Redneck” in Love with Caribbean Queen, Scared Senseless.


For some strange, horrid, and unfathomable reason, this beautiful letter of outreach has lingered in my Facebook inbox for over a year. Once I began … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Twenty-Something Law Student Parched in a Swirl Desert

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Dear Christelyn,      I am a frequent reader of your blog and was able to read one of your latest posts regarding a book review on the Defining … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: On Dating Asian Men, Demanding Someone Christian, and Improvising Race on Online Profiles.

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Okay ladies:   Here is my question... (A little background).  I am an african american professional (doctor).   I am 32 year old.  I am … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Shy Girl Wants to Confront College Crush

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Here's the question I received: Dear Christelyn,I am an introverted , somewhat shy, Black  girl interested in interracial dating. I am a freshman in … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “He Never Called, But Made Out with Me at a Party. What Gives?”


Here's the question... Hiiiiiii! I stumbled upon your blog one day by accident and LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it. You made me way more … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: “Why Do Men Give Such Mixed Signals?”

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A reader wrote in with a question that left me scratching my head, so I brought in the heavy artillery! [See below] "I am a 24 year old student … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Pro-Black Girl Feels Conflicted About Interracial Dating


i am a young African American female and i am a big avocate for back empowerment and inspiring my community to do and become better. id get the black … [Read more...]

College Girl Asks, “Why Do I Always Have to Be the Wing Woman?”


Hi Christelyn, My hands are actually shaking as I've finally found the guts to write to you!  My name is "D" and I've never commented on your blog … [Read more...]