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QOTW: 17 Year Old Traveling to UK…Desperate for Help

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The Question:

Hi Christelyn,

My name is Kiara, I’m 17 and I just have to say I am big fan of yours, for 2 years actually! You have given me insight into relationships in general and much confidence in potentially being in a interracial relationship of my own in the future. I live in Philly and interracial relationships are not really common or accepted too much here. Especially from others, mainly black men, when it comes to a young black girl dating outside of her race and to those that want to and confidently like me. I have never been attracted/attractive to black men (Until recently, since my glo up *rolls eyes* lol ) and probably never will to be honest. I have really only been attracted to and felt attractive to white men (especially now). The only people who accept that are my best friend and my mom. I am traveling to the UK this summer for vacation. I know there a lot of interracial relationships there,which I have never been in. A relationship. When it comes to anything dealing with relationships I am clueless. Flirting somewhat confuses me, makes me VERY nervous and uneasy at times ecen if i like the gut alot… . The closest I came to flirting was when i was in South Africa this past summer and a white South African boy later on who i stopped giving my time to early on, 4 days upon my arrival there for about a month actually when i wouldn’t flirt back with him anymore because i was confused about his actions with showed he’s somewhat racist and i realized I wasn’t there for that at all lol and he used a white girl instead. He also said he liked me for my light skin and he obviously turned out to be misogynistic, confusing, woman using, stupid boy which is why I cut him off when i realized this. I’m rolling my eyes so hard right they could fallout of my head lol. I would like to try dating this summer where interracial relationships are more common and accepted more. I would appreciate your advice in anyway when it comes to dating in general and being in a relationship/ dating outside of your race. Please help me out.


Kiara 🙂

Here’s my take…

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