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QOTW: Can an ‘Atheist’ Date Black Women?

The Question:

Hey Christelyn,

I recently found your YouTube web videos and have been watching them steadily to gain insight into the world of interracial dating. I have never dated a black woman, but I would certainly like to. One of the reasons that I have yet to date outside my “race* ”  is that I live in northern Minnesota and unlike the rest of the country, the demographics of my hometown still overwhelming Caucasian. I plan on moving away when I finish up my degree in IT, so I don’t think finding black women will be much of a problem wherever I end up.
What I do think may present an obstacle and the reason I am writing to you, is that I am an Atheist. Now I don’t want to get into the nuances of religion or philosophy; suffice it to say I am open to religion, but I have yet to be convinced of one. However, from the research I have been doing on the Web it seems that all things being equal, black women tend to be some of the more religious individuals throughout the country.
How do you think that I should approach this subject while dating? I am not opposed to talking about religion, quite the contrary, as I love having debates with my friends some of whom are much more religious than I am.  I am mostly concerned with not wanting to scare black women off or prematurely ending an otherwise pleasant conversation with one by using the “A-word.” I realize that through years hearing misinformation about my subculture, very religious individuals can have detrimental preconceived notions about my beliefs or lack thereof, and become immediately defensive when someone challenges their faith, even with self-labels.  Do you think I should bring up the issue of religion at all? What should I do if they bring up the issue?  I know that this is a very sensitive issue for many people, and I would appreciate any insights you may offer.
Thank you for all the work you do both on YouTube and the blog. You are a very intelligent, well spoken, and attractive woman, and I look forward to viewing more of your work in the future. Your husband is a very lucky man.
Best wishes to you and yours, 
*(an unfortunate construct of the 19th century that disregards the fact we are all human and ultimately originate in Africa)
Here’s my take:

FYI, there’s a growing number of black people and support groups for atheists and agnostics.
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