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QOTW: What It Means When Your Boyfriend Won’t Introduce You to His Parents

Here’s the situation:

My name is [redacted] I have been dating this white guy for over three years now, I am ready to move to the next level but I don’t think he is. I have never met his family at all and I ask him why he always say he not ready for that yet, But he has been interracial relationship before but with chinese woman and had two children and the family met his kids. Can you please tell me the difference of our relationship. I know he loves me because he has express this already we do things together he also even stated about us moving end together but lately he has been distance, Do you think our relationship is going anywhere?


Sigh. Here’s my take:


I really resent men who waste women’s time with flimsy excuses and half-assed promises. Ladies, don’t waste the best years of your life with a man who is intent on stringing you along. When he’s finally used you up, you will be so bitter, resentful, and depressed that you spent so much time trying to make something work that you will spoil it for when a really good and sincere guy comes along. My gauge is this: If you’ve been dating a man exclusively for six months and haven’t met his parents or interacted with his family, that is a red flag. It may not be because he’s ashamed of you–it might be that he’s ashamed of them. Either way, there’s potential trouble ahead. Please stop giving these men all of your years so they drain you dry.


If this situation is something you can relate to and you’re at or passed the six month mark,  push the issue of meeting the parents/family/friends whomever he’s hiding you from. Then be reflective: has he mentioned a future in which you are firmly planted in, and it’s not just your wishful thinking but something concrete? If both situations reap a negative for you, it’s time to cut bait. Seriously. If you want to marry and have kids, don’t waste your time if your guy is yanking your chain. It’s not fair, nor is it of any benefit to you in the long run.


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