Question of the Week

QOTW: “How Do I Compete With The Mixed Girls?”

The Question:

Thanks for reading this in advance. I love what you do. I’m just a black girl who realized that I’m really attracted to guys outside of my race, and I would love to go for interracial dating. I’m 20 yrs old, a junior in college, and I’m really into this hispanic guy right now. I wanna date him so badly, but I can’t help but see mixed girls and light skinned girls as a threat for his affections. I have a bad history with these types of girls, especially in high school where even my best friend who was mixed stole my boyfriend away from me. Actually, the first week I transferred into my current school, I was talking to this hispanic dude, and after we were done flirting and exchanged numbers, a mixed girl came up to me and said, “You know he’s not into black girls.”

Not to be self-deprecating, but I am a little insecure, especially since I see the type of guys I’m attracted to mostly with light skinned or mixed girls. I do tend to think that in a sea full of beautiful mixed and light skinned girls, why would he pick a girl like me. I’m so conflicted.

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