She’s Beautiful. She’s Successful. She’s Childless. She’s Not Crazy. So Why Is Misee Harris Single?

Take one look at Misee Harris, a sweet, soft-spoken southern belle from Tennessee (and a doctor and inventor for lawd's sakes at only 29) you'd think … [Read more...]

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BB&W Love Story: R. Kamaria Finds Her Rainbeau!

I've had the pleasure of knowing Rasheda for a couple years, so I knew about the highs and lows of her singlehood. She was featured as a "Goddess of … [Read more...]

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Come Hither: A Lesson in Being a Man Magnet

Did I hear someone say they wanted to read about way in which to attract men? I'm sure I did, and since I'm privy to a life that many of you lovely … [Read more...]


Watch Those Potholes While on Your Way to Greener Pastures

The ladies of the sites have written in detail about the general NWNW/BBW theme's insistence that White doesn't necessarily equal RIGHT when it comes … [Read more...]

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Goddess of the Week: Shawna Singer!

Bonjour, je suis Shawna!.... That's french for ...I am... Silly; fun; sincere; loyal; driven; spiritual; faithful; compassionate; very funny; very … [Read more...]

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Goddess of the Week: Tiara!!

My name is Tiara. I’m a 29-year-old, single, plus-size diva with no children. I am originally from Philadelphia, did a 3 year stint in NYC (living … [Read more...]

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“Goddess” and a “Hottie” Sitting in a Tree…

When I saw this picture on my news feed I was just tickled to death. Well, near death. I love that Niki Chambers, a former BB&W Goddess, and … [Read more...]


Goddess of the Week: Meet the Beautiful Nichole Dossous!

I'm a 31 year old, never-married native New Yorker (still live in NYC) who loves life and to laugh loud every day of it! I'm the owner of a small … [Read more...]


Goddess of the Week: The Lovely Lakeisha!

  Isn't she stunning? Love, LOVE the hair. Lakeisha Moore is 33, single, and has no children. She hails from Louisiana (so she can throw down … [Read more...]

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Goddess of the Week: Abiola Abrams!!

If you haven't heard of Abiola Abrams, time to stop paying rent in the Quaker compound you live on and join living people in the know that've heard of … [Read more...]

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Goddess of the Week: Niki Chambers!

Dodger fan. Cal Alum. Fashion junkie. Music Aficionado. Foo Fighters addict. Amateur Photog. Foodie in training. Drinker of wine. Hater of phonies. … [Read more...]


Goddess of the Week: Mickla Adams!

In my heart I am an adventure seeker. I love to visit new places and try new things, especially if it requires crossing time zones. I am generous and … [Read more...]


Goddess of the Week: My School Mate, Shawn Parker!

Look at this chick. A testament to how yoga is indeed, the fountain of youth. Shawn and I went to junior high and high school together, and … [Read more...]