Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: My School Mate, Shawn Parker!

Look at this chick. A testament to how yoga is indeed, the fountain of youth.

Shawn and I went to junior high and high school together, and she’s ALWAYS been HAWT. She’s the girl all the guys panted over, but she was very selective of whom she chose to date.

I recently found her on Facebook, found out she was still single and GASP! open to swirling. She, like me, dated primarily black men, and she only been on a couple casual dates with rainbeaus.

Here’s what she’s looking for:

I’m looking for a monogamous committed relationship. Tall and handsome of course..lol…ambitious, spiritual, reader, communicator, intelligent.. all that good stuff. I think physical attraction is important. and you know i’m 5’9 so I would love someone over 6 ft.

Hear that, tall dudes? By the way, even with all the height, she LURVES wearing heels high enough you need a ladder to get in them.

From someones who knows her, I can tell you guys that Shawn is a quiet beauty, almost unaware how truly beautiful she is.

Snag her while you can. Find and friend Shawn here.

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