Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Meet the Beautiful Nichole Dossous!

I’m a 31 year old, never-married native New Yorker (still live in NYC) who loves life and to laugh loud every day of it! I’m the owner of a small production company and online channel that covers fashion and beauty, but by no means am I shallow. I just love looking good now and then, and then, and then again. With a background in broadcast journalism and corporate communication, I enjoy getting to know people and inform people on the world around them.

I’m a freelance anchor/reporter for a finance website. I love being a Christian and enjoy serving / volunteering at my wonderful church. A personal growing relationship with the Lord is important in my life and should be as well in the man who’s interested in me. And speaking of man, here’s what I’m looking for… I could rattle off a list of material things but pfft, that would just get me a fat wallet and no love. My name may be Nichole, but it’s not Anna Nicole. The man who wants my heart has to be a Christian who, on his own, attends church, prays, reads the word and loves the Lord with all his heart. A man who is emotionally available and stable,
with a heart of humility and a laughter that fills the room. This way we can both laugh loud together! A chorus of guffaw our surroundings will be! *smile* I love a tall (6′ and up. hey, I’m a girl of 5’7! what can I say?) broad shouldered guy who’s got a great personality (dial tones & wet blankets need not apply) and wouldn’t be afraid to put me in my place if (and when) I get out of line. I want to get married and have children of our very own, being the first to bless each other with children.

Here are some little funny facts about me / things no one would know just by looking: I’m a vegetarian. I used to have a piercing on the back of my neck. At toys-r-us I crashed their bike into the bike displays, causing the entire row to tumble over (Hey, I didnt know the breaks were on the pedals!!!) I don’t like ice cream.

What else would you like to know? 🙂

Visit Nichole’s blog here. Check out her YouTube channel here. If you’re ‘THE GUY” reach out to her on Twitter here.

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