Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Mickla Adams!

In my heart I am an adventure seeker. I love to visit new places and try new things, especially if it requires crossing time zones. I am generous and I know how to take care of people but am no one’s doormat. I love, love to cook but hate to clean and dream of a Bed and Breakfast in my twilight years to indulge in putting together fabulous dinner parties.

I want to make a difference in the world, even if it’s just one person at a time. I am smart, strong, sassy and sexy with a touch of sweetness in a small and neat package. I believe that music can help you praise God, make you happy, let you cry or get you revved up for a night out with your buddies; so my musical tastes encompasses many genres but I have a soft spot for a well written country tune.

I am mixed race woman as such I am open to dating across the racial/cultural spectrum.

I am in the process of writing a mission statement for my life. It is much more challenging that I believed it would be, but it is helping me to clarify my goals and the make them more focused and succinct.

More about me

I am 34 years old, active in my local church. (back to making a difference)

Finishing up 8 years in the military as an enlisted member

Future plans include a graduate degree in Europe (next fall) and work in developing countries.

Somewhere in there I’d like to get married and have a few children of my own.

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