Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Shawna Singer!

Bonjour, je suis Shawna!…. That’s french for …I am… Silly; fun; sincere; loyal; driven; spiritual; faithful; compassionate; very funny; very very funny, honest; smart; creative; musical possessed; motivated;  multi-lingual; sensitive; God-fearing; happy; positive; eternally  passionate; well traveled; talkative; passionate; nurturing; born again;  an  organic food eating; mother of one…:)

BB&W interjecting here…Shawna’s too humble to mention it but she sings like an angel:

I have a hysterical laughing disorder (I’m actually laughing right  now … LoL….LoL When it’s come to the L-word… I am looking for the One! The man of my  dreams;)… Someone to rack up ton of air miles with because I have to  travel and never get tired of it. Someone to go to Paradise du Fruits with  because it’s my favorite restaurant in Paris, I guarantee you will love it too! He must be someone to laugh (A LOT) with and have fun with while  pretending we are fighting the White Witch in Narnia at the park with my,  “oh my gosh, why is he so adorable” son. (Lots of “Narinia” and “Lord of The  Rings” role playing at Chez Shawna & Noah;)… 

“Monsieur Right” must be faithful, patient, a life learner, love children,  enjoy helping others, outgoing and congenial, dynamic, driven, an  entrepreneur, compromising, understanding, must enjoy attending a  Christ-based fellowship that we can agree on (Im NONreligious, but SUPER  spiritual & passionate about my relationship with God), must be open to living as healthy as possible, must live life to the fullest and never > give > up!

Currently I am residing in Las Vegas, NV. I am recording music and  preparing for shows. I sing and write. I also operate a small Internet  Marketing company online. The Dream is to sing and tour globally, while still having my company in the background. Definitely looking for someone  who is able to travel often and also with a passion and desire to dream  big  and live their best life ever!…also if you play piano and/or guitar,  that’s a plus!;) God Bless, Shawna.

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