Miley Cyrus Isn’t the Only Dingbat Co-Opting What She *Thinks* is Black Culture.


So yeah, I watched with fistfuls of popcorn and copious amounts of tea as the media tore a hole into the ass-end of Miley Cyrus' nude bikini over her … [Read more...]

Discussion: Do We Opt Out of Mental Health Help in Favor of Prayer?

But could this be a good thing? A few months ago, I wrote a post showing that black women really had nothing to show for their "relationships" with … [Read more...]

Check Me Out on “Art of Charm’s” Pick Up Podcast!

Wow...two posts in one day with two of my FAVORITE-EST male relationship coaches! Jordan and I got together for this podcast on interracial … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday


From the keyboard of SirLoinDeBeef: We know, after the 1st submission, that the PUN really is the lowest form of humor ... possibly battling it out … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “To Whom Much is Given” A Novel


Excerpt from the book, “To Whom Much Is Given – A Novel” by Cecilia T. Capers Published by Red Ibis Now available on Amazon Summary: Success has … [Read more...]

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#LawdHaveMercy Fitz is back!


It's been such a serious week here. Time to liven things up with some man-candy! Check out Tony Goldwyn’s latest photo shoot for InStyle … [Read more...]

On The Death Of Christopher Lane


Many high profile African-Americans lamented the image of young black men as criminals during the Trayvon Martin tragedy. To them, it isn't fair that … [Read more...]

Chef Bob: Bourbon Peach Brown Sugar Ice Cream


Bourbon Peach Brown Sugar Ice Cream A slightly boozy, butterscotch-like ice cream made bright by fresh ripe peaches,  Fresh peaches are one of … [Read more...]

Why I am considering moving to New Zealand

The world is becoming more globally connected, and as an American black woman I want to get with it and I suggest those of you who are willing to do … [Read more...]

Harriet Tubman Sex Video is Also a Slap in Face for Black Women/White Men Relationships


I was asked about three times to weigh in on the now infamous Harriet Tubman sex tape, in which You Tube stars with the blessing of Russel Simmons … [Read more...]