Told Ya’ll! Beauty Can’t Fix Crazy. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Split!

You know it’s true when People confirmed it.

Halle Berry, the perpetual divorcee, has reportedly split with her second baby daddy, Olivier Martinez, after just two years.

I’ve gotten attacked in the past at going hard on Halle, folks wanted me to sympathize with her out of some misguided sense of solidarity, but I go by ratios and denominators. If you have a slew or bad relationships, you ain’t the victim–you’re the common denominator.


I told you a few year ago that I met her first baby daddy, Gabriel Aubrey, and I can tell you that he DEFINITELY wasn’t an asshole. He was a wonderful and attentive father, and he was with another woman with kids, and her kids loved him too. They were chanting in the pool…”GAB-BRI-EL!! GAB-BRI-EL!!” Emma and Nahla spent the afternoon playing in the pool, and they looked like sisters.


Halle is beautiful, that is undeniable. But she is DEEPLY flawed. This is an opportunity for introspection, but I doubt if she’ll take it. She’s all about being the victim. ALWAYS.

Just in general, if you have a string of bad relationships, remember that the COMMON DENOMINATOR is YOU.

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