What the Cuss?

Proof that Today’s White People Don’t Have a Clue About Colorism

We know the origins of colorism worldwide is from an antiquated notion of white supremacy; a psychological tactic used to allow the ruling class to mentally justify subjugating humans simply because they looked and lived differently from them. The ruling class knew that as races mixed, it would be impossible for those in power to dehumanize and justify dehumanization.

The originators of the aspect of white supremacy that perpetuated colorism was evil for sure, but I’ve found that TODAY’S white people are mostly really freaking confused by it. TODAY’S white people’s benefits in society doesn’t really predicate on whether a person’s skin is light or dark. When’s the last time you heard Greg complain he lost the job to LaMont because he’s caramel colored? To Greg, LaMont is black. Black is black is black is black is black.

So who gives benefits to, say, other black for being lighter? Well…OTHER BLACKS. That’s why NWA had a shade and hair texture scale for which level of black actresses they wanted on their casting call for Straight Outta Compton, and hipster website like Gawker didn’t understand WTF that was all about.

And here’s another offering of proof. Take a look at this video about how Jamaican boys and girls are ruining their skin with skin lighteners and bragging about being whiter than white people.

I swear, this is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever witnessesed. Carribean sisters, can you please explain this to me, considering that many of you say folks don’t have the same racists issues as America?

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.54.46 AM

But skip to 2:10. White guy with a REAL black woman: “Look at me woman. Me her complexion.”

And we can’t just blame the black men for “forcing” black women in the Caribbean to bleach, because the men are doing it too, and claim it’s because they girls go crazy for it.

So what’s the point here? At some point, you have to stop blaming long dead racists and accept the fact that you’re a dumb ass.

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