What the Cuss?

Credit Where It’s Due For Those Who Stand Up for Us #3

Hand claps all day. Never mind that the cartoon black guy looks like Will Smith.

I don’t even need to add anything, but I will.

It’s a shame that people don’t see young black girls as, well…young, and girls. I’ve sat back and watched these idiots celebrate EVERY TIME they see a black female–young or old–being beat down. It’s like a collective GLEE that absolutely sick. “I wish [the cop] would have thrown her out the window. They had to bring in a Robocop to stop the Terminatrix. I would let all them niggas kill each other”–Tommy Sotomayor

She was a bratty kid. Not a bitch. Not a whore. She was a brat. I saw black men AND women celebrating with bloodthirsty gleefulness, but there were some gems amidst the dung. Looks like, as usual, this was a troubled kind who came from a trouble family. But whatever, right? She’s just another little black ho.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.59.59 PM

Haven’t any of you ever been an obnoxious teenager who tried to show out in class to show how rebellious you could be?

You go, boy. You go.



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