Mass Shootings in America are Becoming as Routine as Bloody Middle Eastern Skirmishes


Jesus cristo, is this the new normal? Bi-monthly mass shootings by crazy and deranged men who want to become legends in the last 15 minutes of their lives??

Sandy Hook. Charleston. The movie theatre. Columbine, the list goes on and on. It’s reported as frequently as third world insurgents who shoot up a wedding or a grade school. We look at those events and call “those people” barbaric. But I’m not sure what we see happening here in the richest country in world any different.

And the people most invested in not seeing any change–the NRA–are pretty willing to keep letting innocent people get popped in the head with an AK47 while on their knees praying in a church. Small price to pay for business as usual. This lobby group throws so much money on both sides of the political aisle that they can literally stall any progress in gun control.

Barack Obama said something interesting in his press conference yesterday about this latest shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. To summarize, he said that other major developed countries just like ours–Great Britain, Australia, France–who have taken immediate action in preventing mass shootings to protect their citizens. We’re the only country that will shake our heads, and call it a shame, and then say, “Don’t touch my guns!!!!”

Is this going to be okay for people now? Are we going to be okay with going to the mall with our kids, sending them off to school, just enjoying life always with the risk that some crazy gun toting nerd who didn’t feel they got their fair share of dates shooting at innocent men, women and children??

Are we just supposed to shake our heads, say a prayer and hope that next month’s psycho fresh off the Crazy Train won’t make a stop in your neighborhood?

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