Madame Noire Covers “Swirling” and LMAO at the Comments!


Madame Noire was kind enough to allow me to tell my story about the reasoning behind my writing "Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race, … [Read more...]

BB&W Exclusive Video: Janice Littlejohn and Actress/Author Diane Farr Talk “Swirling”

janice and d

Diane Farr sat down with Beyond Black & White at the "Los Angeles Times" book festival last week. Take a listen on what this actress has to say about … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Video Book Reading: Let’s Talk People Who Stare At Interracial Couples!

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In my goal to continue to hustle like a Jamaican (see reference to joke here) check out the next installment of book excerpts from "Swirling: How To … [Read more...]

BB&W Exclusive: “Thelma” from “Good Times” Talks Black Women & Interracial Relationships

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If were born in the 60's and 70's, you know this woman, and chances are, you wanted to BE this woman. Looking ridiculously like the love child of … [Read more...]

Why Is Twitter Going Nuts Over Chester French’s ‘Black Girl?’


Upon your daring to click Chester French's new song, 'Black Girls,' which is basically an I love black girls!! anthem, you'll see two models getting … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Video Reading: Best U.S. Cities to Have Interracial Relationships

Book Club Girls

Know what today is? It's April 15. Yeah; I know it's Tax Day. BUT! Did you also know that it's … [Read more...]

Friday Not-So-Funny: “I avoid Black women that date interracially like the Plague..Black Men can do whatever they want!!!”

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I wasn't looking for this, but it came up on my YT home screen. Please note the title. This man speaks quite coherantly about why black men are … [Read more...]

“My First Time with a White Guy” Feature Mentions “Swirling!”

BW:WM bedroom morning

Here's an article that will raise your blood pressure--in a good way. Writer Arielle Loren, publisher of Corset magazine, wrote about her mind-blowing … [Read more...]

Matthew Hussey and BB&W Meet Again to Talk “Swirling,” and How to Deal with Disapproval

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The cute Brit that's got all you BB&W ladies enchanted is back in Los Angeles doing some hush-hush big-time project planning. "His Grace" took time … [Read more...]

Why ALL Swirlers Should Take the Path of Least Resistance


Thanks to Karla for finding this little tidbit to get me sufficiently outraged at 6:55 AM: Granted there seems to be some inconsistencies with how … [Read more...]