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Well, Dang!! Interracial Marriages Up 67.5% in Just Three Years! GAT-DL’s Heads Explode Across the Country.

I have a Spanish friend (a real one, from Spain) named Iván López. You’ve probably seen his comments on here from time to time. But when it’s day there it’s night over here, so I don’t talk to him that much unless he’s having trouble sleeping. I guess today/tonight is one of those times, because he just sent this message to me on facebook:

Hi, Chris! I’ve been searching the stats about WM/BW marriages in America.
I think it’s increasing very fast! Don’t you think?

Click 60 – Married Couples by Race and Hispanic Origin of Spouses
There you can see the evolution of BW/WM marriages:

1980- 45000

1990- 61000

2000- 95000

2006- 117000

2007- 126000

2008- 164000

2009- 196000

From 2006 to 2009 (117000-196000) the increase is 67.5% in only 3 years! Wow!

By the way, this is Iván.

Ladies, grab your passports, cuz he's single!

Hmmmm. What’ will the GAT-DL say to this? Blasts of rebuttal will go off in 3….2….1…

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