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Clint Eastwood and the Evolution of TV Swirling

So Encore on Demand has a bundle of old Clint Eastwood movies in homage of the swagger, gorgeousness, rough-around-the-edges, grisly, gritty eternal HAWTNESS the is him.

And since I love most of Clint’s movies (yes; he and I are on a first-name basis) I decided to give The Eiger Sanction (circa 1975) a watch. Here’s the skinny:

Hee. Hee. Did you see what I saw? Of course I wouldn’t, couldn’t, never would have been allowed to watch this movie at two years old, I’m glad it took so long. Because now, as I am definitively NOT a toddler, I can take all that is Clint. Alas, now that I am of age, he is geriatric.


He’s still got it, though. Sexiest 70-something-year-old I’ve ever seen.

First thing I notice about the movie (aside from Clint’s deliciousness) is that his character, “Mr. First-Name-I-Forgot Hemlock” and Vonetta McGee, a black actress who plays “Jemima Brown,” is the first woman he beds. Pretty typical, right? But she’s not exactly a jump-off; she’s an integral part of Hemlock’s experience throughout the flick.

No lie, Jemima Brown is Category Sapphire, just with a Category Mammy name. Even Clint Eastwood’s character scoffs when he hears it and even asks if it bothers her. And OF COURSE NOT!, Jemima Brown is content to have been named after pancake syrup because, “People remember you when your name id Jemima.”

Yeah; they do. But not in a good way.




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