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Say Whaaaa?! September Issue of “Essence” Has Special Feature on Swirling?

Well, well, well. Take a look at the bottom right of the cover of the September issue.

Perhaps Michael Bullerdick has jumped right in in the revamping of Essence, because IN ALL MY LIFE I WOULD NEVER, EVER, NEVA, EVA think that the dude who wrote that Wall Street Journal article about how black women should consider dating and mating outside their race already would be picked up by Essence magazine, aka the BLACK LOVE FO EVA! publication my bottom has become so familiar with whilst I sit upon the toilet.

Thanks to the BB&W commenter who gave us the head’s up, apparently they will highlight four couples in a four? or was it six? page spread. This is a first. I mean, they’ve dipped their toe in the discussion for a while, testing the waters, only to get them bitten off by the GAT-DL. But…are the Guardian of All Things Dark & Lovely losing their teeth? By the looks of it, seems as if some folks might need to be fitted for dentures.

“Everybody’s gone. A lot of people left. When new heads of magazines come in, they want to bring in ideas that go along with their own vision. There is a lot of cleaning of house, but it’s yet-to-be seen if it will be a positive move for the magazine and it’s readers. A special feature on interracial dating front and center is a very positive move for the magazine because it deals with the issue of today’s modern black woman. It’s not to negate that black women don’t love black men, but they can love whoever the hell they want to,” says my super-secret Essence insider.

Can you IMAGINE all the barbershops and beauty salons full of mouth-foamers on this one? Almost makes me wish I was still getting a press and curl.

Almost; but not quite.

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