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History of Swirling in the UK…A Boon for Black, African Men?

My pal on Facebook, Dennis Wells sent this program to me to review, and I must say, it’s interesting, and extremely biased.

Take a look.

Here’s what I thought was insightful: There’s always, always x20 been a mutual sensual and sexual attraction between blacks and whites. White men went to Africa, saw all the women in their starkly different, nonetheless lovliness and liberated sensuality and wanted it–BAD. We knew this, right? Of course we did. Bad white man comes and rapes all the black ‘wimmens.’ His pink dingaling and invading the motherland.

But hold up…not so fast. Looks like the African women weren’t kicking and screaming to get away from the white debbil. They were attracted, and thought unions between them and white men beneficial. And of course, the African men were salty, as they should have been, because NO WAY did the white man want the MANDINGO penetrating the…cough.. thoughts of their virtuous, Victorian women.

But then, the focus quickly goes to African men who migrated to London and found love and married white women. Despite all fear of harm, these men pursued and got what they wanted. The first interracial marriage occurred in 1919, then thrived in certain parts of the United Kingdom with bustling little clusters of happy biracial families. There was some opposition, and even rioting but cool heads prevailed in the end.

But what of the African women? Why no reportage of black women married to white men? Did it just not happen? Black men were just, what? Hotter than us? More marriageable that us? Whaaaaat?? We are displayed as objects of sexual desire, as do the black men, but in this documentary, only one gender gets the round, gold ring.

Men of all races are ridiculous in their sexual selfishness, aren’t they? We can sleep with your women, but we’ll cut your member off if you go near ours!

This is a prime example of the subtle gender bias and preferences non-blacks (un?) intentionally communicate. Black man lives happily ever after, love conquers all and all that jazz. But what of the African woman? Is she just a colonial equivalent to a jump off?

What I’d like to see is more investigation of black women and white men through history who did more than just bump uglies with us. Where is herstory? And please–don’t bring Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson into this. Sally was an 18th century Halle Berry.

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