Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

Question of the Week: Why Do The Women in the ‘Keep It Real’ Crew Care So Much If We Date Rainbeaus?

No specific person asked this question; it’s more like a conglomeration of people wondering out loud why the cuss the ‘Keep it Real’ crew cares whether or not black women date interracially or not. This is specifically for the wemmins who rail against the preceived defection of other black women who date, mate and marry outside of their race. WHY in the Creation do they even care? I mean, more black bros for them, right? They should be thrilled, but…they aren’t. The spend their time and energy clucking their tongues at black women who are NO LONGER THEIR COMPETITION!

I may be talking out of school, but I’m going to shrink these ladies’ heads for a minute. Could it be, the maybe, could be, probably, they protest too much. I mean, if your life is so fabulous, why begrudge others for finding their bliss and as a result, getting more black men for yourself?

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