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When ‘The Swirl’ Never Blends: What If Family Never Accepts the Union, Even in Death?

It’s amazing the people I meet who read this blog. I’m so humbled by it, and often moved to tears by some of the stories people share with me, like this one:


My name is Ron, I live in New Jersey. I was married to my wife Gloria for 21 years. She passed away Sept 4 2011 after a long and strenuous battle with C.O.P.D. We had our ups and downs, but no more than any other couple I’ve ever known. We laughed, cried played together, cooked meals for one another, worried about the dogs together, and I even worried about her kids with her. The kids and I didn’t.t get along all that well and Gloria told me more than once if our positions were reversed and the kids were mine, not hers, she would have left long ago because of the way I was/am treated. An example of this is they didn’t even have the common decency to list me in the obit as her husband, stating it would have cost too much money. BUT they did mention that they gave her 40 grand children, and 12-14 great grand children. But enough of that, I wanted you to know even in midlife it is possible to find your soul mate. We are this, and will be until we are together again. Ours was a chance meeting, she would come in the coffee shop I worked in to play PAC-Man, way back in 1989 and it went from there. 21 years, a long time, a great time, the best times of our lives. Now I’m alone, in this house struggling with the bills and spending a lot of time thinking about her and wondering “What do I do now?” Its hard, I know I’ll survive(at least till I die) but I’m already getting tired of being alone, let alone having to deal with the aftermath of all the above. I’m not complaining, just wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Her kids, haven’t heard from them since the funeral, I’m depressed but know it and deal with it, knowing it’ll be better someday. These feelings are the result of a long and happy relationship with a woman I’m still in love with. I’m sorry if I sound trifling, I can’t help it. That is the way we felt about each other and will continues to do so forever!!

Wow. This man was and is truly in love and grieving for his wife of 21 years and her kids STILL don’t accept him? Unbelievable. I know there are two sides to every story, but this side has his wife’s family stinking to high Heaven.

This is an interesting (not in a good way) snag in the the swirl, where a woman comes into the relationship with children that, despite decades of marriage, will not accept the husband. I feel so sorry for Ron, who could have used the comfort Gloria’s 40 grandchildren could give him.

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