Where Did 64,000 Black Women and Girls Go?

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A person doesn't just disappear into thin air but you would think they do when you learn that 64,000 Black women and girls are currently missing in … [Read more...]

#NWNW: Don’t Look for the New Man to Clean Up the Mess.


It's very rare that I get questions that stir my emotions, frustrate me, and make me deeply sad. I just received such a letter from a very young … [Read more...]

Intimacy Is Not Built Through Sex. Surprised?

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  A couple of months ago, I downloaded Tinder after hearing good things about it. And in one month’s time, I had four dates with three guys, … [Read more...]

Feeling Lonely? Isolated? Use Social Media to Create Your “Circle of Support”

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I recently got a note from a black woman married interracially, and it got me to thinking about how sometimes, interracial relationships can cause … [Read more...]

(Bonus) QOTW: Black Women, Multiple Children, and Interracial Dating.

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Writer: Hey my name is "Sue" I'm a black female live in St.Louis Mo I have had bad relationship with black men so I decided to date white men my last … [Read more...]

Unspeakable! New Jersey Reporter Fired for Telling the DAMN TRUTH!

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We live in such a crazy time in America, when saying the obvious will literally get you fired and physically and socially ruin you. I know back in … [Read more...]

It Started with Just a Few Voices, and Now a Cocophany: The Forces Speaking Up for Black Women Are Being Heard, and Some Folks are Scared

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When you've been blogging for nearly five years, you begin to notice some trends. For instance, I remember when I first came on the scene and the … [Read more...]

One Black Mother’s Heartbreaking Story of Raising Her Son Amongst a Nest of Miscreants Intent on His Ruination

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When I read this very personal account from Breukelen Bleu, the founder of the Black Woman Think Tank, I knew I had to share it. So much of the … [Read more...]

Company’s Photo Discrepancy Gives Subtle Message to Black Mothers Versus White Mothers


I've quietly watched a company called Baby K'Tan work to dig itself out of a public relation social media nightmare because of this photo. There are … [Read more...]

The College Girl’s Guide To Getting Through School Without Being Perpetually Clueless and Dateless

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June is graduation season, and all the 18 and 19-year-old collegial hopefuls are soon to flood the halls of academia, full of hope and promise. Some … [Read more...]