BB&W Throwback: Fathers Are Miracles Workers…

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I wrote this a year ago, and there's not a word I would change. I simply must share it again to honor the man whom I still love and cherish so very … [Read more...]

Premiering Tonight: “I’m Having Their Baby.” Will You Watch?


Most of you know how I feel about the importance of children being raised by two functional and healthy parents, who can provide and protect that … [Read more...]

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, and Single Mothers Whine About Being the New ‘Whipping Girls’


My favorite blog posts are often those that practically write themselves. I'll see or observe something in life and the sheer absurity galvanizes me … [Read more...]

Are Single Moms Raising Losers? New Study Indicates that’s the Case.

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Remember that saying about how single parent black women "raise their daughters and love their sons"? Some new research indicates that--despite the … [Read more...]

Time to Own It: My Mea Culpa on No Wedding No Womb 2010

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Ever since I came to the blog scene in 2010, I've adopted a motto that has worked unbelievably well for me. First motto: You don't have to know … [Read more...]

My Take on Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti Teen Pregnancy Initiative

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There's a major public service announcement going around the streets of New York, thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. A slew of billboards are going up … [Read more...]

When Hood Boogers Attack, Black Kids Wish They Were White.


Atlanta is known for being a hub of some of the most successful black people in America. It's chock full of some of the best HBCU's; plus Emory, the … [Read more...]

Maxi Me Turns 15 Today!


Let me first say that I adore ALL of my babies. But there's something about your first born... Fifteen years ago today the most exquisite … [Read more...]

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Predicted the Future of the Black Family But Too Few People Actually Listened

The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, the 78-page report written by a then 38-year old Daniel Patrick 'Pat' Moynihan, an assistant secretary … [Read more...]

Girl, 13, Plunges to Her Death While Begging Boy to Delete Sex Tape


This from the London Evening Standard: A sexually abused 13-year-old girl slipped to her death in a “ghastly accident” and did not intend to kill … [Read more...]