No Wedding, No Womb!

Iyanla Can NOT Fix This Man’s Life! I Just #Cant with These Silly Women Who Think They’re “Special!”

I don’t have words to describe how DISGUSTED I was when I saw the upcoming preview of the new season of Iyanla’s “Fix My Life.” Iyanla will *attempt* to fix the life of a man who has fathered 34 children by 17 different women.

I’m sorry, but no amount of psychological sorcery can fix this man, or the silly women dumb enough to think that *they* were going to be “the one” to change this walking, talking, failed abortion of a man. And unfortunately, there’s probably little help for these women who should have, had to have, DEFINITELY KNEW he had a stable of baby mamas and STILL agreed to have his children, MULTIPLE TIMES. There is NO fixing this. You know what else won’t, can’t be fixed?! The lives of those 34 children, that’s who! These people are so especially, spectacularly SELFISH that it makes me so mad I could spit big fat green loogies (preferably in this ‘Ray-Ray’s’ face)!!

What is it about THIS man that makes his penis so magical that mere condoms can’t hold him?

Can someone please, please PLEASE explain to me the mentality that enables this to happen in NO OTHER COMMUNITY but ours? (And don’t come up in here and talk about cult Mormons or Muslims with multiple wives, cuz they TAKE CARE of their kids and wives!!!)

Do ya’ll realize how DUMB and INFANTILE it makes black men look…if you can’t have command of your ‘joy stick’ how are you gonna command anything?! Go back to your mama’s basement and stuff those envelopes, Leroy!!

And these ladies aren’t off the hook, either. Talk about seeing a disaster and walking right on the train tracks, prostrate, BEGGING to be trampled. You are NOT special! Your vagina will not be the magical salve to change this short-bus-riding, sorry excuse for a man!!!

Oh and you know what else is crazy? I’m hearing certain “cult personalities” with multiple children peppered throughout the BC advising black men to not date women with kids. Hypocrites, much?

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