No Wedding, No Womb!

(Bonus) QOTW: Black Women, Multiple Children, and Interracial Dating.

oppressing baby

Writer: Hey my name is “Sue” I’m a black female live in St.Louis Mo I have had bad relationship with black men so I decided to date white men my last relationship was a white male we was together for 1 year but it didn’t end well he broke up with me after a year and said my 3 kids were a problem and that he felt like it can’t work but my thing is he knew about my kids when we first for together then he say he thinking about his future and that he wants his own family and that what if he wants kids that will be too many kids so now I’m having a hard time moving on from him I still want to date white men but I’m scared to get hurt again because what if all white men say my 3 kids are too much for them I need your help..


Here’s my take:

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