No Wedding, No Womb!

Some Good News: Study Shows that Black Fathers More Involved with Kids than We Give Credit For.

Okay here’s some really good news. A fairly large study was recently reported showing that black fathers who live in the home with their children are often more involved with their children’s day-to-day activities.

The study shows not only that fathers of all races increasingly are involved with their children, but that black fathers who live with their young children are more likely to bathe, diaper and dress them than white or Latino fathers who live with their children.

Seventy percent of black fathers who live with their kids help them with the daily functions of life, compared with 60 percent of white and 45 percent of Latino dads, reports theNational Center for Health Statistics, an arm of the Centers for Disease Control.

When it comes to other activities, such as reading to their young children daily, 35 percent of black fathers do that, compared with 30 percent of white and 22 percent of Latino dads.

Black fathers also scored high marks when the study looked at fathers who live apart from their children. The report showed that among fathers who did not live with their older children, more than half said they talked to their children about their day several times a week or more.

Okay that’s great news! Black men who live in the home are really, really involved. However, only one in six black men live in the home with their kids. That’s cause for concern. Let me repeat: Only 15-18% of black fathers are in the home.

You know what this study shows? Black fathers kick butt. When they stay. A conversation now needs to be had to help reinforce the importance of being PRESENT. No Wedding, No Womb, anyone?

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