No Wedding, No Womb!

You Tube Star, Chescaleigh Talks Making a Plan and the Timeline Project

We talk a lot around here about making plans and making positive changes to have better lives. Once you make a plan, you need a roadmap. That’s why I was really intrigued when I saw Chescaleigh at The Timeline Project booth at a conference I recently attended. When I found out it was sponsored by Bayer, I was a little skeptical that they were trying to sell something.

Turns out that it looks like the company is just trying to do some good, and I’m cool with that. Well actually, I take that back. Bayer Healthcare is a purveyor of women’s birth control options, so creating a program that allows women of reproductive age to map their future while keeping control over when and how they conceive is all wonderful as far as I’m concerned. I’m all No Wedding, No Womb anyway.  I think doing this is so important, I want everyone here who is single and of reproductive age to create your timeline. Do it now!!

Chesca timeline project from Christelyn Karazin on Vimeo.

The Timeline Project allows you to custom create you personal timeline based on your personal and professional goals. It’s pretty amaze balls.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.02.25 PM

Once you upload your goals, it’s packaged in a really cool way, and even suggests helpful articles that can help you achieve your goals. And it really is a timeline…you match goals by your age and future plans. You can even browse goals from other participants.

Uhm…why are you still here? Go start a timeline!

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