Get Your Ten-Guy Quota in One Night at The Standard Hotel


Did you get the challenge I posted on our fan page to push yourself to talk to at least 10 new guys a week? Here's how you can do it in one … [Read more...]

This is Fifty: Swirl-Family-Friendly, Posh California Resort Celebrates with Style


When I thought about where I wanted to spend my 40th, one place came to the top of the list--the Rancho Bernardo Inn and Resort. The place is located … [Read more...]

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The California Girl’s Guide to Having Fun (and not dying) in New York City


I say "California Girl" to be used interchangeably with any girl NOT from a huge city where no one in their right mind owns a car. For us suburban … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: English White Guy Asks Me How to Meet Black Women

Screen shot 2012-12-08 at 7.14.24 AM

I received this note from "J," a young man living in England who is interested in black women, but it unsure how to approach them. After you read … [Read more...]

Travelistas In Croatia–Yet ANOTHER Reason to Get My Bikini Body Right!


Measured my waist--30 inches. Two more inches to go. Will I then book a trip to Croatia? Nope. It's too late for me, but not for you, my little … [Read more...]