Black Women's Empowerment

Christelyn’s Big Announcement! Swirling Around the World!

This has been a secret I’ve had a really hard time keeping and am really glad I don’t have to anymore!

Remember all those conversations you’ve seen on You Tube about black women leaving the U.S. for greener pastures? Have you ever had the thought that you wanted to pursue men of other cultures out of the United States? Want to see what your average day might look like in a totally new and foreign place?

It’s time for Beyond Black & White to go global. What does this mean? This means we can finally tell more success stories from around the world. We can explore the many dating and relationship possibilities available to Black women across the globe. Men of all cultures, nationalities and races who love and marry Black women.
We want to empower Black women all over the world, to no longer fear finding true love. There are many paths to happiness and we want you to choose THE ONE that’s right for you, whether he’s Brandon from America, Lorenzo from Puerto Rico, Errol from Jamaica, Carl from Great britain, Jean-Pierre from France, Mario from Italy, Alejandro from Spain, Hans from germany, Kwame from Ghana, Kareem from Dubai, Haruki from Japan or Greg from Australia.

Beyond Black & White is now going BEYOND BORDERS! First stop….CANADA!!


Sounds great, right? But I need your help! We need your support and financial contribution–no matter how small. This is a big community, so even the meekest of donations gets us closer to our goal! And because this is my FIRST family, I want you to know where your donations will be going towards:

  • Flights and ground transportation
  • Camera equipment: e.g. travel camera such as GoPro, microphones, editing services
  • Small research staff to summarize vital information about our target locales (e.g. education and employment opportunities, demographics, crimes rates, etc.)
  • Lodging and food
  • Studio time
  • Meetups
  • General admin

We currently have a minimum threshold to when we can hit the ground running: $3000.00 (click here to see how much we’ve raised so far). Our first stop is Canada!

Nothing like this has ever been done…not like this. Let’s continue to be innovative, and let’s be the first…AGAIN…to empower black women in a way that we all can benefit.


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