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Destination gambling in various parts of the world 

Young woman gambling, cards to face, smiling, portrait, side view

Young woman gambling, cards to face, smiling, portrait, side view

There’s not a lot that is finer than playing blackjack or poker in various destinations around the world as either a part of your holidays or as a hobby. When people think of gambling, most people synonymously think of Las Vegas. The so-called number one place to go if you want to gamble, Vegas has all the glitz, glamour, bright lights and, more often than not, free alcohol to make it an incredible destination. However there are many other parts of the world that are beginning to become leading gambling destinations.

Atlantic City, USA

Atlantic City is a calmer alternative to Las Vegas as a gambling destination and is considered as the Gambling Capital of the East Coast and in 2011 had 28.5 million visitors to its themed casinos. It still has the bright lights of Vegas and there are a lot of casinos to whet your appetite. For over 30 years, casinos have created a veneer of glitz and glamour next to their seaside promenade in Atlantic City and the multitude of gleaming glass complexes have been heralded as the quieter Las Vegas, away from the drunken surge that has seen a rise since films like The Hangover. Atlantic City has the hustle and bustle of the casino atmosphere, without the rush of tourists to spoil the fun. If you can’t quite make it to Las Vegas, or if you’re after an alternative gambling destination, then Atlantic City is a good choice.

Melbourne, Australia

There’s often nothing better than lazing around on a beach and sipping cocktails during the day and hitting the casinos at night, and that’s exactly what you can do in Melbourne, Australia. If you’re looking to escape the winters in the west, December is a beautiful time to visit the vibrant city that plays host to a number of big brand casinos. With the laid-back Aussie lifestyle, Melbourne is a great choice for a new gambling destination. You can even watch some of the top poker players in the world playing at the Aussie Millions at the Crown Casino. With Melbourne, you really can’t go wrong.


Much like Australia, if you’re looking to mix your time gambling with something a little more relaxing like lying on some of the best beaches in the world, then Aruba is one of the best gambling destinations. Aruba is the birthplace of Carribean Stud Poker and most of the island’s casinos are found along Palm Beach. In Aruba, the Crystal Casino is one of the highlights and all of the casinos on the island are stunning to look at. The Crystal Casino offers the thrill and excitement of high stakes and offers the full range of popular table games such as 9 blackjack tables and 4 roulette tables and live entertainment. The casino offers 24-hour gaming in an elegant yet laid back atmosphere. The Stellaris Casino is also ranked among the islands’ largest and best casinos. But if Aruba isn’t for you, try other Caribbean islands such as the Dominican Republic and Curacao, both of which are home to wide range of casinos.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re American then this destination is possibly one of the best for you. San Juan offers two dozen casinos open 24/7, all of which take the US dollar as currency and it gives American’s the opportunity to gamble in tropical paradise without a passport. Even if you’re not an American, San Juan is still one of the best gambling destinations, with popular casinos including San Juan Mariott Resort & Stellaris Casino and the Ritz-Carlton San Juan Casino and Spa.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you’re looking to gamble in James Bond style then Monte Carlo is the best gambling destination for that. Although you’re going to need a lot of money in your pocket to party with the rich and famous in Monte Carlo, the beauty and elegance of the 19th century casinos along with the spectacular Mediterranean scenery is a real win when you’re gambling in Monte Carlo.

Gambling Cruise

This might not be a specific gambling destination per say, but some may not want to stick to one particular destination. If you like the sound of Aruba, but don’t particularly want to stay there, then a gambling cruise can transport you to all of the gambling hotspots around the Caribbean. If you’re not interested in the Caribbean then other gambling cruises can take you around Asia, Scandinavia and other parts of the world. These cruises provide a unique opportunity for gamblers to hit tables and the slots at various destinations as well as onboard. These cruises are perfect for beginners as they offer a less intense experience but some cruises do cater for the more experienced players by hosting specific poker tournaments, blackjack themed cruises and high jackpots.


Macau is slowly beginning to be picked as a favourite over Las Vegas. This unspoilt gambling destination, located in China, is home to the world’s largest casino. With unrivalled luxury, Macau has attracted people from all over the world because of its superb way of life. Soaking up the splendour of the city is a perfect example of a gambling destination. Gamblers in Macau do not sip cocktails like they would in Vegas. Instead, these serious gamblers drink tea and concentrate on the serious business of playing blackjack and baccarat in the world’s biggest gambling den.  A lot of money has been pumped into Macau and it has certainly paid off. Mainly owned by the world’s biggest gambling kingpins, China’s sin city has crept its way onto the gambling destination radar.

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