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Surprising “Swirl Friendly” Monterey, California

Last week I took a road trip up to Monterey, California, a small bedroom town about an hour or so outside of San Francisco. I stayed at the Monterey Plaza Hotel, a gorgeous hotel right on the Pacific coast. I had an AMAZING room right on the ocean, so every night I would hear the waves crashing on the shore and the cool, salty breeze tickling my face. While my trip was mostly business, I had some time to do a little sight-seeing. It started when I saw the couple in the wine tasting bar across the street, the white guy lovingly stroking the arm of a black woman. Then it happened again on my short jaunt to the beach–a young family jostling their biracial child from arm to arm as they slathered him with sun screen. Later that night, an older couple dancing to the live music provided that the hotel’s cocktail hour. We were everywhere. We are legion.

Just think about it…even 15 years ago that many couples of the #BWWM combination would have been unheard of. My…how things are changing.

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