Guest Writer: A Black Girl’s Guide to Studying Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile!

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Meet Tiana (left) and Angel (right)--two brown girls who met while studying abroad in Chile! ☺   Valparaíso, Chile, with its art-splashed buildings, … [Read more...]

JQ Abroad Open Thread: Share Your Overseas Experiences!

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Hi ladies, it’s been a long time since I’ve written here and it got me thinking that it’s high time that we shared our overseas experiences. This is … [Read more...]

So Bueno: The Caribbean Coast of Mexico

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If you’re looking for Mexico holidays then you should definitely consider heading for the coast of the Caribbean. The area is a paradise stretch of … [Read more...]

BB&W Partners with Black Girl Travel To Bring Up-Close-and-Personal Experience from Europe


Beyond Black & White is the first blog to feature the wandering escapades in Europe chronicled from Fleace Weaver, founder of Black Girl Travel … [Read more...]

Five Totally Unusual Ways to Travel Alone and Still Have a Great Time

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I know who you are...I see the stats. You're single, young, educated, and have some money. So why haven't you traveled abroad to discover the world … [Read more...]

Be Inspired: Gabrielle Turnquest Passes Bar At 17 And Breaks 600 Year Old Record in the U.K.

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I just got wind of this news coming from across the pond, and it is the perfect example of what young Black women can achieve when given the … [Read more...]

Eating in Dublin and Swirling

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  I spent a wonderful four days in Dublin, after 14 months teaching English in S. Korea. So far almost 2 weeks after leaving Mumbai, India and … [Read more...]

Film Review: The Sapphires


Did you know the U.S. Army hired entertainers for the troops during the Vietnam War? Did you know one such group of singers – The Sapphires – hailed … [Read more...]

Why I am considering moving to New Zealand

The world is becoming more globally connected, and as an American black woman I want to get with it and I suggest those of you who are willing to do … [Read more...]

Want To Marry a Kiwi Guy? New Zealand is Ripe for IR!


For as long as I have been coaching black women wanting to date and marry internationally, I have been asked what countries are best for swirling. … [Read more...]