Congrats are in order! Our very own Eugenia is expecting her own little bun!

Taking a break from the ratchetness of the KimYe spawn, I’m tickled to announce that our very own Eugenia is expecting a child with her HUSBAND. You may recall that Eugenia announced that she and her other half were going to try to conceive, but combined with her diabetes, high blood pressure and age, she faced some  potential health challenges. But she just announced on New Year’s Day that she’ll be expecting her little bundle of joy come September.


You’re absolutely radiant, Eugenia.

So…I thought it would be really cool (and probably a bit obnoxious) for everyone to give their congratulations coupled with some unsolicited advice on how to survive her pregnancy.

I’ll start. Congratulations, Eugenia! Get ready to sleep 12 hours a day and still wake up feeling like you need 12 more. Feeling like you have to pee every five minutes is perfectly normal. So is peeing in your pants when you sneeze or laugh when you get about…oh..eight months. If you have a craving for weird foods like raw meat drizzled with Karo syrup, it’s your body telling you it (and the little babster) needs it.

Okay; now you!