Duchess Kate is Pregnant! Do You Care?

It’s official news across the pond. “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby,” the prince’s office said in a statement Monday, adding that Queen Elizabeth and the royal family were delighted.

Apparently Kate and I have something in common. We get ridiculously nauseous with pregnancy. Apparently Princess Kate had to be put into the hospital because she couldn’t keep anything down. I could just see it now: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Camilla wringing their hands that the royal little bun might not be getting enough royal food so it can be king or queen someday. I’m sure it’s frightening for the old ladies, since one has probably never been pregnant and the other hasn’t been with child for nearly a century.

I know what Kate’s going through. Hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute morning sickness which causes severe nausea and vomiting and requires supplementary hydration and nutrients, is no joke. I could just think about thinking about thinking about the idea of say, blood sausage, and vomit. Brush my teeth? Vomit. The smell of coffee? Double vomit. And the “morning sickness” of this magnitude is not limited to the morning. It’s every waking hour, except when you’re asleep, which if Kate was like me, is about 12 hours a day. It got so bad for me that I had to take the heavy-duty medicine they give to cancer patients when I was preggers with The Babster.

The good news is that most of that sickness goes away by about four months preggo. I’m guessing she’s passed three months (12 weeks) which is when most announcements take place, because the chance of a miscarriage is greatly reduced once a mother is out of her first trimester.

Some doctors speculate that the hyper nausea Kate is feeling is actually a good thing, because what’s causing the sickness is the flood of baby hormones in her body. A healthy level of hormones means a good, strong pregnancy. It could also mean twins. But anyway…

Congrats, Tudor family, on the continuation of your royal bloodline!! (Can you imagine the pressure being invite to this lady’s baby shower? What do you give a prince or princess these days? Frankincense and myrrh? Spices from the Indies? What???)