EarthJeff Asks, “What the heck does ‘Boo’ mean?”

Educating the Teacher: What the heck does “Boo” mean?

For a white guy growing up in the (hate to admit it, it sounds SO long ago) 70’s…  “Boo” was just something that Casper the Friendly Ghost (yes, pun intended) said.  He is long gone, so what is the story with this Boo thing?  I will admit that I am wise enough in the ways of the world that I know it is used to refer to someone special.

Your special ONE.  Actually, I think it is an awesome word.  It is a noun, right?  You remember that “person, place, or thing” deal that we all learned in school?  It is also a verb.  How cool.  You can be “boo’ed up”.  It is sweet.  It is widely used and accepted.  I am not mocking the whole idea of a Boo.  I would LOVE to be somebody’s Boo.  Does it work both ways in that both are each other’s Boo, or is it just the guy who gets so tagged?  And if anyone knows the origin of this…. I am fascinated.

So this also kind of leads to the topic of pet names in general.  Some of these can be personal…. But let us share.  What are some of the names that you like to get called or do get called?  What are some of the ones that you like to use?  Enlighten me… please….. I don’t get out much….