Fashion #Trending: Blood Reds and S. Korea Update

Although, getting over a nasty bought of food poisoning, DAMN YOU SOY MILK, here in South Korea, I am, at the moment, celebrating my first time being printed in a newspaper out of D.C. I am now their style editor. My first article will be published in 10,000 copies around the D.C. Metro area. It’s pretty cool to have your name in lights–so to speak. The newspaper is new and independent, you know, the kind I like. Here is the mock-up.


The other fabulous thing happening is that I have launched my handmade jewelry line on Etsy. My F/W line is called Cartoline (Car-toh-lee-nay) which is Italian for Postcards and the design for this season is Victorian. The items are reminiscent of scenes on postcards from the early 1900s. I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish these last two weeks.


Enough about me….


On the trending front, Blood Reds are making a hit on the fashion front. Of course I am a bit biased, seeing that red is my favorite color. But these reds are extremely vibrant. They are a great way to brighten up your wardrobe this fall and winter. For those of you that terrified of red, try it as an accessory first to add color, like  a shoe or handbag, then slowly add more of it into your wardrobe. Remember the rules for picking reds.

Here are some great pieces to give you a few ideas for your closet.
#Trending Blood Red
#Trending Blood Red by lattes-n-lipstick featuring low rise pants
Vintage sweater, 64,400 KRW / Rare London peplum top, 59,490 KRW / Red cashmere coat, 70,950 KRW / Vivienne Westwood Anglomania low rise pants, 253,710 KRW / Cord skirt, 139,805 KRW / Banana Republic flat shoes, 106,965 KRW / Blink closed toe shoes, 70,935 KRW / Shoulder handbag, 85,135 KRW / Jigsaw stackable ring, 68,240 KRW / Martick chain necklace, 61,240 KRW / Leather glove, 82,900 KRW / Nail polish, 38,205 KRW / Iman beauty product, 10,915 KRW