Four Hair Colors Not Made From Nature that Women of Color Should Avoid Like the Plague

We all like a little variety and spice when it comes to coloring our hair. The beauty industry makes it easy for us to color our strands any shade of the rainbow. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. We keep seeing this over and over, but someone needs to tell these offenders that Crayola hair is generally not a good look. So we will, as lovingly as we can muster.


Unless your as fair-skinned as someone who has actually been born a blond, golden hair is a no-go for most brown-skinned women. Ditto for Hispanic and Asian women. Leave the blond hair to the Nordics, ladies.

What works…

Instead of going platinum, opt for a golden or honey blond, which looks absolutely fetching on brown skin with yellow undertones. And if you’re just itching for blond, opt for the highlights.


Bright Red or Burgundy

Burgundy is nice as a subtle rinse that can only really be seen in direct sunlight. But when you turn that dial so high you look like one half of Raggedy Ann and Andy duo, chile….



Every girl loves pink. But us ladies of a darker hue should opt for pink lips and cheeks, unless we want to look like the traveling circus sideshow…


What Works…

Instead of flaming cotton-candy pink or Raggedy-Ann red, which looks best with very, very, VERY pale skin, opt for deep burgundy, which looks luscious on women with red undertones.

Okay, okay we know it’s a wig, but you get the point.


What are you, a woman or a Smurf? Blue hair on dark skin or medium tones does nothing to enhance the natural complexion, and is especially true for women who have cool undertones. Blue just suck all the “glow” from your face and your coloring just falls flat.

Worse, unless your entire wardrobe is made up of purples, pinks and blues, your clothes will be clothes will be fighting for domination in your own personal Clash of the Titans.

What Works…

Opt for a rich, blue-black rinse or permanent color instead.