Very Happy Fine-Haired Girl–Day Four Results Plus Anti-Breakage Product Pick

I’m literally skipping around today, not just because it’s Christmas and I LOVE Christmas, I’m also excited that my Day Four hair is still shiny, soft and when I gently pull at the ends, there’s no breakage. To find out what I did, click here.

Here’s me this morning when I was watching the kids unwrap their presents. It’s up in a ponytail and rolled up with one of those “As Seen On TV” overnight cloth rollers. I do that at night and cover it with a scarf. The other pick is what it looks like when I took it down.

I’m raving because this is the first time I’ve gotten salon-quality hair at home that’s stuck around passed the third day. No poof. No frizz. Oh what a relief it is. (I couldn’t resist hahaha)

At this rate, I won’t have to wash for another four, five days or so, which really cuts down on how much I’m manipulating it.

One item I forgot to tell you about in the first installment was what I used before I flat ironed and what I apply every night before I do my one-roller tie up–Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Formula. My hair loves this stuff. It’s a silicone-based formula, but it also has silk amino acids, coconut milk and shea butter (but probably at microscopic amounts, because you can buy this stuff over the counter for pretty cheap). I’m applying about a dime-sized amount, or one pump each night about from the mid-shaft to the tips, concentrating on the ends. I’ll most likely use a chelating shampoo for my next wash to get rid of any build up, but so far so good…I’m not feeling any.

What it looks like

It retails for about $7



It’s tropical, luxurious, silky, and works to smooth, condition, strengthen, and instantly repair your hair.

Weightless coconut oils blended with silk and keratin proteins create a silk repair therapy.

Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum is a totally indulgent unique blend of organic weightless coconut oil and silk and keratin protein to instantly repair dry, damaged, coarse and chemically treated hair.

Helps to resurface the hair, repair damaged hair and cuticles, and mend split ends and frizziness.
Adds strength and elasticity to weak, brittle, and damaged hair, and promoted longer hair by helping reduce everyday damage.

Organix bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin.

Sulfate free. (not sure why this matters–it’s not shampoo)
Not tested on animals.