John Master’s Organic Argan Oil Let’s Fine-Haired Ladies Extend Time Between Washes; No ‘Cone Buildup.

Yesterday would have been my wash day. After seven days of applying serums and such, my hair develops a dull build-up, gets hard, and begins to break easily. But today I touched my hair, gave it a whiff, and I couldn’t justify putting my hair through all that unneeded manipulation because my hair was still soft, elastic, and held it’s shine. That’s because this week I took a break from my drug-store brand serum and tested John Master’s Organic Argan Oil I got on sale at the Vitamin Shoppe.

Argan oil, which hails from Morocco, is the new “it” ingredient in hair care these days. It made from extracted  kernels of Argan fruit. It’s naturally rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3, and penetrates the hair shaft, and won’t just hover on the hair and create a build up. And while I love my Organix coconut anti-breakage serum, the dimethicone build up by the end of the week and leaves my hair a bit stiff, and combine that with dirt and I get unnecessary hair breakage.

Here’s the marketing mumbo jumbo:

John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil is harvested and produced in Morocco by hand in the Argan forest, an International Biosphere. It is cold-pressed and extra virgin. The production is carried out by a women’s cooperative, which has established an ecosystem reforestation project to ensure sustainability and to protect the rare, endangered tree. The income generated is providing healthcare and education for the entire community. 2 fl oz.

Made from 100% certified-organic argan oil

key ingredients
Argan oil naturally contains the following compounds:
• tocepherols, including vitamin E– help to neutralize free radicals on the skin and scalp
• omega 6 — help to prevent hair breakage
• saponins — naturally soften the hair and skin

Did a quick search on the net for reviews, and here’s what I came up with:


“i use the product on my hair and scalp. a little goes a long way! very nourishing, no scent, not greasy unless you use too much. super beneficial to growing out long hair!”

“I bought this little bottle of Arran oil [sic], and when i put it in my hair it normally makes my hair feel much thicker afterwards. I’ve only been using this product for a week, so I’m still not sure if it’s my imagination or not but I think it has even helped me grow a little more hair as well. I usually apply it to my hair after I shower and before I go to bed. I’m going to continue to use this product because as of now I think it is working and I want to give it a chance to give me more results.

“Wow, this is an amazing multi-tasking oil. I bought it especially to control and add moisture to my frizzy hair, but on a lark I dabbed the excess onto my face. Instant surge of hydration! I glow with this stuff. So now I use it on my hair and my skin and I love it!”

There were a few not-so-great reviews, many of the customers complaining that the oil was heavy and made their hair feel greasy. I suspect these women have Type 1 hair. My hair is fine and kinky, I can’t put anything too heavy on, and I apply 3-4 drops everyday, concentrating on the ends, and it’s great for me.

NOTE: Be wary of products that say they contain argan oil, but have the first ingredients as some form of a ‘cone. Argan oil is pretty expensive and is in demand, so manufacturers are putting like 2 drops of oil with cheap fillers and touting it as argan. Always read the labels!